‘We try to budget for bus fares but 8 times out of 10 we walk’

‘Kenzie’s been complaining since we set off that his foot hurts’

The family have lived in their privately rented home for three years, the two youngest children have known only this house. Natasha and Dan have to keep moving items away from outside walls, blocking rooms and passageways. In April 2017, after three years of asking for the problem to be addressed, the landlord tasked a workman to plaster over the endemic damp.

‘Some mornings you open your eyes and think, oh, I’ve woken up here again’

Natasha and Dan share their bedroom with Kyle, 3, and Kali, 1, as the back bedroom of their home has too much mould and damp. Moisture drips from the ceiling of the shared room.

In 2015, MPs voted against an amendment to the Housing and Planning bill to require landlords to ensure their properties “are fit for human habitation”. At least 71 of those MPs are landlords.

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